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Highly rated Paint Correction in Denver area

Remove up to 90% of swirls and Scratches in your paint!

Bring back your car's shine with FastFinesse: Denver's Two-Step Paint Correction Specialists. Experience expert care for a stunning finish.

Ever noticed small scratches on your car, dulling its shine? Common culprits include improper washing and automatic car washes. Fast Finesse specializes in paint care, offering Level 2 Paint Correction to eliminate even deeper imperfections.

While Level 1 handles moderate scratches, Level 2 is ideal for more severe issues like deep scratches and swirls. Opt for a two-step correction if your car faces harsh conditions or needs more extensive restoration.

Why consider Level 2? If your car has faced the brunt of harsh weather, road debris, or neglect, or if you simply want a showroom-quality finish, this extra thorough correction ensures a renewed radiance.

At Fast Finesse, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. Choosing Level 2 means dedicating additional time and attention to your car’s exterior in a shaded area or garage. We invest the necessary effort to bring out the true brilliance of your vehicle’s paint.

Your vehicle deserves the utmost care, and Fast Finesse in Denver is your trusted partner for expert paint correction. Allow us to tailor our services to your car’s specific needs, ensuring it shines through with unparalleled brilliance!

Our Polishing Process, How we get Results:


 Precision Cleaning: Employ a variety of brushes to meticulously clean wheels, tires, and fenders, reaching every nook and cranny.


Hand Wash Excellence: Thoroughly cleanse the vehicle, ensuring a comprehensive wash, including door jambs, gas cap, and front-end bug removal


  1. Iron Particle Removal: Chemically eliminate iron particles from the paint, preventing corrosive compounds that can degrade its quality


Clay Bar Treatment: Experience the difference as we clay bar your paint, removing embedded dirt and debris to leave your paint feeling remarkably smooth.


 Sensitive Section Taping: Carefully tape off sensitive areas like plastic trim to minimize the risk of polish buildup or staining


 Polish Magic: Enhance shine and clarity by polishing, effectively removing minor to medium imperfections in the paint


  1. Inspection Wipe Down: Wipe down the vehicle with a polish remover to inspect the paint and reveal its true condition.



Protective Finish: Apply a protective layer to the paint, ensuring added shine and safeguarding with your choice of traditional wax/sealant or ceramic coating.

Simple Pricing

Price may will vary based on size and condition of vehicle. 

These are starting price ranges.


(Miata/Mustang) Starting at
$ 399 99


(Civic/Camry) Starting at
$ 499 99


(Escalade/Durango) Starting at
$ 699 99
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Level 2 Correction FAQs
  1. Do you offer Coating Options ?

    • Absolutely! Explore our ceramic coatings for superior protection and a stunning glossy finish. Additionally, choose traditional wax or sealant at no extra cost.
  2. How Long Can I Expect the Results to Last?

    • The durability of results depends on maintenance. Regular proper washing maintains results, while neglect or using $5 car washes may revert progress within weeks.
  3. What’s the Estimated Duration for Your Services?

    • Depending on the complexity of the service, anticipate a completion timeframe of 2 to 5 days. This ensures a thorough and detailed approach to meet your expectations.
  4. Distinguishing Level 1 and Level 2 Paint Correction?

    • Our Level 1 paint polishing achieves a 60-80% correction of imperfections, suitable for most vehicles. Meanwhile, our Level 2 correction achieves a 90% correction for those seeking top-tier, flawless results.

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